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Fully Activate

Muscle Activation

Utilizes western and eastern medical techniques. Muscles become inactivated through injury, overuse or trauma leading to more injuries and chronic pain. Golgi Tendon Organs (GTOs) are nerves at the ends of every muscle. We apply deep pressure to these areas to activate the connection of the nerves with the brain. In order to keep these muscles activated, we utilize eastern medicine (acupressure) to keep these muscles working properly thus allowing you to live a life Fully Activated.

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Dr. Joseph Levie

 Loves to help people activate their lives and has done so for many years. Muscle Activation changed his life after a  wake boarding incident in his early 20's. He believes people should be out doing what they love to do. He thinks it's amazing that his job is to help people get back to doing what they love. When he's not in the office helping patients, he enjoys spending time with his three adorable kids. 

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Fully Activate is happy to serve you from our two beautiful locations in Utah,  one in South Jordan and the other in North Salt Lake.

922 W Baxter Dr Suite #150

South Jordan, UT 84095


680 South Redwood Road, North Salt Lake, Utah 84054


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Fully Activate

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