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"Best Investment"

 After being bedridden for years and a whip lash accident, I was pretty messed up! I had 59 muscles that Dr. Levie helped course correct and I haven't felt this good and this strong in 7+ years! Sending all of my family and friends to him because this work is incredible. Best investment.

- Tiffany W.

"Honest and Complete Care"

We have been so pleased with the improvements we've seen and felt in our movement and the relief of aches and pains, as we have received treatments from Dr. Levie.  It's wonderful to feel better and move more freely!  We've enjoyed their friendly attitudes and conversations and their honest and complete care for our well being.  Dr Levie is very qualified and competent in his practice of combining eastern and western medical techniques to activate muscles that have quit working. Fred had a stroke in April and has made remarkable improvement in his balance and coordination as muscles have become active again.  After his first appointment and one crucial muscle fix, he was able to set aside his arm crutch and hasn't used it since.  After many years of body-wear as a mother and farm hand, Evette was relieved of nagging neck, shoulder and back pain.  We are so glad Dr. Levie was recommended to us and are so pleased with our improved quality of life. 

~ Thankfully, Fred and Evette B.

 Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada

"The Process Works"

Both Kim and I have gone through the full muscle activation with Dr. Levie. We both had a lot of muscles not working.  Pretty much train wrecks!! The initial visit was mind blowing to say the least. By the end of the first visit you understand what muscles are working and the ones that aren't. The repair process is the mind blowing part! Both Kim and I can tell you that the process works. We both are stronger, have more stamina and recover much faster than before. It is such a positive change from a year ago.

We are hiking longer - hitting the golf ball longer - longer horseback rides for Kim - yard work easier - fishing with less fatigue. We're both are in our mid to late 50's and are so excited for the new strength that we feel!  We are excited for the future and staying very active!! Thank you Dr. Levie!!!!

~John H.

We are so grateful for what Dr. Levie has done for us. I was able to go golfing with John for the first time in 2 years. It is awesome how great we feel, even the day after :) 

Dr. Levie continues to remind me to listen to my body as I tend to over do it on a daily bases. Now with all my muscles activated and regular adjustments, I am able to play with our grandchildren, ride my horses and care for them, hike, fish, ski, and enjoy yard work again!

It has been an amazing experience! So happy we met you Dr. Levie. Thank you so very much! 

~Kim H.

"My Muscles Responded With Greater Strength and Range of Motion"

The day before the Superbowl I picked up my 7 year old daughter to grab something off the top of the fridge. Suddenly there was a pop and sharp stinging in my neck. Due to the pain incurred by moving my neck, I spent the rest of the Superbowl weekend in a lazyboy with an airplane neck pillow holding my head up. 

As a commercial contractor, I'm always traveling and working on hotels. Unfortunately, my body is never operating at 100%. For months, my good friend Krista, who has MS, encouraged me to go to her chiropractor, Dr. Levie. With my macho ego in the way, I gave no attention to her suggestions. Days later without any neck relief, I finally gave in to her advice. I slowly drove to his office as I was unable to check my blindspot due to the pain in my neck.

Dr. Levie explained what he does very thoroughly. In addition to working on my body, he got to know me. He tested my major muscles and determined which muscles were not working. He also investigated my neck immobility. Some of my neck problems were due to inactive muscles and the compensation of my working muscles. The acupressure points were in different places on my body. I reminded him that I was there for my neck. He smiled and assured me he was in progress helping my neck. He explained the four main neck muscles on the front and back of my neck and the anatomy of how they connect. I laughed, unsure of his process, but he gently smiled and continued on with his technique. Dr. Levie and his assistant worked on different acupressure points all over my body and then adjusted me. At the end of the appointment, my neck returned to full range of motion without any pain. I was able to drive safely home checking my blind spots. I’m still kicking myself in the butt for not taking my friend’s advice sooner. 

Since that first appointment, I saw Dr. Levie one to four times a month until all my muscles were fixed and functioning. I still see him to get adjustments. I thought at 34 years old I couldn't enjoy soccer like I had in my youth. My soccer skills have improved along with my overall strength. He's taught me simple stretches tailored to my physique that I’m reminded to do each visit although I only sometimes do them. I take most pleasure in the fact that even if I don't understand his treatment, what he's doing or ridicule the process; the results are the same, my muscles respond with greater strength and increased range of motion. Thanks Dr. Levie and Krista for your help and friendship. 

~Alex S.

"I'm Still In Awe!"

 I am still in awe that my neck problems disappeared after working with Dr. Levie. He reactivated countless muscles that were shut down and not serving their proper function. At every appointment, Dr. Levie makes sure to explain exactly what he is doing and helps me test the difference between when a muscle is shut down at the beginning of the appointment and when it is reactivated at the end of the appointment. I can physically feel myself increase in strength in less than an hour. He is passionate about his work. His goal is not to keep me coming back; rather, his goal is to fix the issues as soon as possible and teach me how to maintain a healthy, pain-free body. My appointments never start late and my time is never wasted. He puts his entire focus in to his work and goes above and beyond to make sure I am feeling results. I recommend his practice to anyone suffering from chronic pain. 

~ Katie H.